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07/12/2013 - 15.10
A400 Xtreme Promo's Decoys- Beretta Bucks

Is any one else having issues collecting/reciving the HardCore Decoys and Beretta Bucks? 11-9-13 I put in for two A400's one max4 and one optifade. 11-24-13 found webpage where I could see status it showed that I recived two emails for Beretta Bucks and one tracking number for one of the 2 sets of decoys. I tracked the number on UPS (brown truck) and this is what it said " A tracking lable was created 11/14/13 and once it arrives at our facility the tracking status including delivery date will be updated. Well guess what I had no emails from Beretta with bucks and one set of decoys has tracking # and no info on other set of decoys. I tried for two days to get a live person at Beretta Customer Service I did get to talk to a person that said she would make it all right this was on 11-25-13. Well I did get email with codes for Beretta Bucks on 12-4-13. I still have no status on decoys 

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