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12/03/2014 - 06.58
A400 xtreme unico suggestion

Got my gun on Friday from Bud's, my local FFL and I took some time looking it over before completing the transfer (at this point I could have sent it back but after the transfer it's a used gun). Everything looked good, transfered it, and off to the office to strip off the oil and frog lube this thing. I watched the Beretta ginger gunsmith YouTube video as I went along (very helpful the first go round). And that's when I noticed the trigger group bushing carrier was broken. Part 85 on the Brownells website. For simple explanation it's the internal tube the pin holding your trigger assembly in the receiver goes thru. So now my bazillion dollar gun is heading back to Beretta without a shell through it. And this is the first they have heard of this so I'm guessing there are others out there who have this problem but haven't inspected their gun as closely as I did. Also it appears this plastic part part is the center of trigger assembly(all of the springs and hinges tend to surround it) so if it fails....? So the next time you take yours down give this part a look. Beretta also told me both ends should protrude for the sides of the trigger group when removed from the receiver and when looking through it you should see a small spring in end facing the right side, designed to help retain the takedown pin. Mine was sheared off clean and had no spring. 

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22/06/2017 - 16.14
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